New receptionist applicants are always welcome.

Stop by the shop and complete an application.

We expect applicants to be energetic and customer service driven.

Syd’s Hair Shop has a unique work environment.  Our staff works as a team and yet each person retains their own unique identity.

It is crucial to our work culture at Syd’s to protect and foster a collaborative, encouraging and positive environment.  We place strong value on our work environment because it is essential for quality customer service.  We value respect, trust, honesty, and integrity;  professionalism is so much easier with this foundation.

After that, we have fun!

Events (and things we do) include, but aren’t limited to:

Turkey Bowl - AMF lanes in November with food, beer and cool shoes.

Wig Day - Just what it sounds like... a National holiday observed by Syd’s.

Halloween - Themed costumes; different every year.

Karaoke - Oh boy, do we love us some karaoke, so if you don’t sing, I hope you’re highly tolerant.  Warning: We have turned 2 non-karaoke-ers into singing machines.

Retreats - Usually near Wilmington, with food, hair workshops and karaoke.

Post-Holidays Party - Super fun party where we have our fill of good food and good times.  Usually involving dancing and... you guessed it, karaoke.

Community fundraisers - We actively participate in fundraising for local and national charities be it through gift certificates, head shaving (St. Baldricks), rock star makeovers (Girls Rock NC), benefit calendar (Paws-4-Ever and Table), charity cut-a-thons quarterly on Sundays and more.

Hair Shows & classes - we try to go en masse, if we can, all over the state.  The hair shows in Charlotte & Myrtle Beach have been staples, but NYC, Vegas and Chicago have been visited as well.

Syd’s Hair Shop is seeking a stylist with 3+ years experience.  We are looking for people who are positive, creative, technically skilled and customer service driven.  Syd’s is dedicated to team building, education, community and fundraising.  In addition to interviews we require all applicants to do a minimum of three test cuts

Applicants are encouraged to provide a resume and/or portfolio of their work. E-mail your resume to or drop off your resume and fill out an application in person.

Potential stylists are asked to demonstrate their abilities on at least three hair models.  Each hair cut must be completed (with finish work) in 30 to 45 minutes.  We ask to see three cuts: 1)  a bob cut. 2) men’s cut demonstrating clipper work with the Oster Classic 76 (required equipment), and 3) recreate a style from a picture.  In addition, we may ask to see a demonstration of color formulation and application.

All references will be checked and cosmetology license will be verified.  All stylist positions are commissioned based.

The first 3 months of employment are temporary.  Your employment may be terminated during these 3 months for any reason.  We expect professional behavior and appearance, respect and warmth to all of our clients, technical skill, retail sales and client retention.


Education allowance - an allowance is permitted every year for each stylist to use toward advanced education.  In addition to this, 10% of stylist’s retail sales go toward education and equipment, ensuring each stylist always knows what they are doing with the best possible tools.

AFLAC - all stylists have access to supplemental insurance deducted from your paycheck bi-weekly.  These policies are chosen by and paid for by you, but at a group rate.  Some examples are: disability, dental, vision, life, cancer plans, etc.

Commission based employment for stylists.  This can be based upon experience in the industry and is negotiable over time.

Receptionists pay is wage based, determined by experience and also negotiable over time.

Please note all employment is on a trial basis for the first 3 months.  During this trial your employment may be terminated for any reason.  You will be supplied with an employee handbook listing policies and expectations, which you are required to sign to work at Syd’s.